THIS IS A WORKING PROGRESS. Welcome to my Wiki, before we begin Every character I will mention is played on Fnaf mc. The Minecraft server ip is It's a great roleplay place! Also if anyone wants to be a character from Universe 24, 23, or 22. Please ask my permission, because I don't want to have people come and go around as characters from Universes I have created.

What it is for.Edit

If you ever roleplayed with me and wanted to know more about my characters, here it is!


Purple Guy Saga Edit

This was the first saga. Purple guy was a early, not very well surfaced character. The difference was that Purple guy could Take over weak bodies, like Paul Blart. He would go on to die and become a ghost. After that he acsended into heaven, because he'd converted. One person I used to roleplay with that was in this series was OG_Jayden.

Fnaf Server

Darnex Saga Edit

Darnex is where my characters started to become original. During this saga He was a villain, then a teacher, and then tried to save the universe. It all ended with Darnex dying and leaving the clone Joey to call a new friend.

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